Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Now What Mr. President?

The day when I have to dig out the American Flag again might not be too far off. 

The latest developments in the U.S. could have 2 possible outcomes. Either Trump is going to be impeached, which might be a life saver for the GOP, or he is resigning from office, which would save the country from further political bickering and chaos, but could mean that Trump is going to be locked up for the remainder of his life. 

Either way, it will start the process of rebuilding the international reputation and show the world that criminals have no standing in the government of the United States of America. 

The road from "hiring the best people" and "draining the swamp" to surrounding himself with criminals and flooding the swamp of corruption has been short for Trump. In less than 18 months Trump's national security adviser, Michael Flynn, deputy campaign manager Rick Gates, and campaign adviser George Papadopoulos have all pleaded guilty to felonies. Rep. Chris Collins, R-N.Y., a political ally, has been indicted on charges related to insider trading. All that in addition of the recent Cohen and Manafort convictions.

Obviously, the loyalty Trump always demands from his associates has its natural limits, namely, when it comes to admitting high crimes and facing federal punishments with jail time. Clearly, their wrongdoings had been committed in hopes that Trump and his corrupt cronies would prevail. 

"The president is clearly guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors," New York Times columnist Bret Stephens, a conservative, wrote on Twitter after the Cohen plea. "He should resign his office or be impeached and removed from office." Stephens has been a frequent critic of Trump but had not previously called for his removal.

The allegation that the president not only knew about but directed criminal activity takes the country back to the Nixon days, when the central questions were what the president knew and when he knew it about the cover-up of the Watergate break-in. And the comparisons are sure to fill airwaves across the country in the coming days and weeks.


  1. So much hinges around whether or not a sitting president can be indicted, which can only be settled by the Supreme Court (now a Republican court). He will never resign and even if the Democrats gain back control of both the House and Senate he will likely not be indicted by Congress. Two-thirds vote in the Senate to indict won't happen. We may be stuck with this den of criminals until 2020.

  2. I only hope you can take out that American flag again,however with the Repukikans in power,impeachment for Teflon Don is doubtful.

  3. It was a difficult choice for the American voters this in 2016.


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