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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Damaged Beyond Repair. America In Crisis And Mourning.

“I’d like to punch him in the face”.
We all remember Trump’s rhetoric under his campaign rallies and we have not seen any moderation since Trump disgraced the Oval Office with his presence. His riling up white supremacists and nazis has now resulted in a new low in the “Land of the Free”.
The tragic Charlottesville event has led to the death of a young woman.

Is America at the verge of a new civil war?

The role of a president is to unify and lead the country with a cool and calm mind. Trump has failed to do that and his approval ratings are at a record low. Yet, his core base, around one third of the American people, are still supporting this abomination of a president and it is them who are to blame for putting America’s democracy at risk.

Trump’s failure to condemn white supremacists and nazis shows that he is afraid of losing his supporting base. But Mr Trump's failure to unambiguously and repeatedly condemn those far-right, racist groups gives them oxygen and strikes a blow at the heart of American identity. And it becomes crystal clear that one third of the American population is either too stupid to understand or that they are consciously supporting vile racism and violence. The country is so mired in political division that even Nazi symbols have become political symbols some can live with if they feel that condemning them would give succor to their opposition.

Yet, fhe overwhelming majority of Americans are appalled by all that the hideous scenes in Charlottesville represent.

America is in a knee-deep crisis and if this president is allowed to continue to lead the country, America will soon be mired in a civil war and possibly even face a nuclear confrontation with North Korea.


  1. I'm an American who does not support Trump. I agree America is in trouble. The extreme group has always been active as far back as the civil war with KKK and now Neo-Nazi groups. These extreme groups have always wanted one of their own in power and they elected one with the support of folks who believe jobs were going to be saved i.e. mining and manufacturing workers. The promises of jobs doesn't exist. Instead these workers should have been offered training or education for new occupations, yet Trump cut funding in education, no new infrastructure jobs have been initiated. From Trump's mouth comes 'Fake News' when criticized for his behavior and no words of what a leader should tell his people. I am so disgusted no one is doing anything or the wheels of impeachment is so slow to get him out of office. American law is for all including the right to gather, free speech, etc. that gives these radicals protection to espouse their ideology in public places.

  2. Hillary had it right...."Basket of Deplorables" !!


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