Thursday, April 20, 2017

An Unusual Evening

Do you remember the game? The game everybody played when nothing better to do? A few years ago….OK, maybe more than a few years ago, you could walk into an office and you saw people playing a card game – on their SCREEN!  Well, I played it myself for HOURS, not in any office but at home. It  was as close to an addiction as a player might come in those days.
Last night, I played it again, for there was nothing else to do, as the entire island had lost its Internet since noon yesterday. First I thought it was our darn router again. Then I got suspicious about my laptop, but when I went to LOOK at the router I saw a red blinking light, indicating something was amiss. I rebooted the thing, but the red light came back on.
Now I got a feeling that our internet and phone provider was at fault.  Bell-Aliant is the worst phone provider we have ever experienced. They have poor service and they are the most expensive. They also have a monopoly on phone and internet.

I phoned them.

After the usual ID-procedure I got to explain in no uncertain terms why I was calling. It took about 10 minutes of listening to some non-descript music before the lady with the Indian accent got back to me. And the answer she came up with was as simple as it was perplexing. Bell Aliant workers had been digging in the ground and ripped open the cable.

So that was it.

No internet for us last night and instead of watching an old German TV-production I pulled out my old Toshiba laptop. It’s 12 years old and runs Win XP, but it has this old game stored on it. It’s too slow for surfing the internet but great for playing those old games.


  1. Yes I remember those old games do much play games on my co,muter any more but we do enjoy a lot of reading.

  2. Well as an old telephone cable splicer I can tell you those things happen.I spent many a cold and rainy night splicing wires back together after a backhoe ripped them apart. Of course that doesn't make our customers happy.


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