Friday, March 17, 2017

Lying Don “The Con”

What do do when the president is lying?
The question here is whether he’s lying intentionally or whether it is the result of being mentally off balance. If lying with the intention of slander and political gain, he should be prosecuted and removed, if lying because being mentally unfit….he should be receiving the help of a psychiatrist and… removed from office as well. As we see, the final outcome for lying Don would be the same.
Obama listening
The president’s allegations against Mr. Obama wire-tapping Trump’s Golden Throne at Trump tower is just the latest example of his lies making headlines. Receiving his news from Breitbart proves not to be the best and most reliable source and being the president of an otherwise well-reputed nation he should have known better. It is indeed amazing that he reads Breitbart at all. Together with the likes of “Fantasy News Outlets” like FOX and Infowars, these sources are namely poised to feed the deplorables and nothing but deplorables, but should be off limits for presidents and administration officials.

And when said FOX News “finds out” (still without a shred of evidence) that Obama used the British spy agency GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters) for Trump Tower surveillance, Mr. Press Secretary Spicer has nothing better to do than repeating and re-enforcing the president’s unsubstantiated claims by accusing the Brits of being Obama’s henchmen, thus causing a
diplomatic  tsunami.

The GCHQ quickly and vehemently denied the contention on Thursday in a rare statement issued by the spy agency, calling the assertions “nonsense” and “utterly ridiculous.” By Friday morning, Mr. Spicer’s briefing had turned into a full-blown international incident. British politicians expressed outrage and demanded apologies and retractions from the American government.

But luckily, the Brits understand that the Trump White House is currently somewhat unbalanced, so they won’t take up arms against the U.S. SmileDowning Street clearly wanted to avoid adding to any embarrassment in Washington while making it clear that Britain had no part in any such wiretapping, and that Britain would not be a party to circumventing the laws of another closely allied country.

Yet, in spite of all caused chaos stubborn Trump has continued to stick by his claim about Mr. Obama even after it has been refuted by a host of current and former officials, including leaders of his own party.

But what happens at “GOP and Friends”?

The controversy over Mr. Trump’s two-week-old unsubstantiated accusation that Mr. Obama had wiretapped his telephones last year continued to unnerve even Mr. Trump’s fellow Republicans. Representative Tom Cole, Republican of Oklahoma, said Friday that Mr. Trump had not proven his case and should tell Mr. Obama he was sorry.

“Frankly, unless you can produce some pretty compelling truth, I think President Obama is owed an apology,” Mr. Cole told reporters. “If he didn’t do it, we shouldn’t be reckless in accusations that he did.”

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  1. Deflect,deflect,deflect! He owes the world an apology! When will this nightmare end?


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