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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Just Being Happy

Today we had the most picture-perfect day one could imagine. No fog nor haze was obstructing the view and no humidity in the air and just a few white clouds were sailing along a deep blue sky.
1-20160803_105754   View of Lubec,ME from Mulholland Point
  A Marine Mammal Interpretation Center at Mulholland Point 
If I would have been a painter I would have gotten out to paint this day. At around 10:40am I received a call from a couple of visitors at the Roosevelt Park Visitor Center requesting a tour of the island. RCIP visitor Centre Roosevelt Campobello International Park Visitor Centre

When I met them an hour later, they had already been through the Roosevelt Cottage and were eager to explore the rest of the island. While we were cruising along the beautiful carriage trails of the park, they told me that they had been on Campobello a few times earlier but that what ever I showed them today was new to them.
1-Fullscreen capture 872016 94932 PM
So I got the feeling that I made their day very complete. Halfway through the tour they asked whether I would be joining them for lunch. So we went to the Golf Course Restaurant and had a great lunch there.
Herring Cove Restaurant  Herring Cove Golf Course Restaurant
While we sat around the table I used the opportunity to let them in on various details of the island’s history.
Every time I drop off people after a successful island tour I am very happy myself. 
Later I was sitting on our porch pondering about this great day and what little I really need to feel happiness. We are living in a beautiful place, we can pay our bills and have good food every day. We got great neighbours in a safe and wonderful rural community, I have my favorite job and our home has the cozy feel I grew up with; I love my dear wife…and our dog and on top of all that, we got a great summer this year. There is really nothing more I could ask for.


  1. Gotta love it when we have the life to live that we only dreamed about years ago.
    And like you we enjoy everyday .

  2. You can't ask for anything better. Priceless.

  3. I like picture perfect days whether or not I actually take that picture. Enjoy it while you can!

  4. Nothing better than being happy in a beautiful place.


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