Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Dictator Goes Wild And A Project Update

Are you looking forward to upgrade your laptop to Windows 10? 
If so you might not enjoy it for too long, because pretty soon Kim Yong-Un will send his missiles across the big water and destroy America.
The North Korean Dictator says that Windows 10 is just a copy of the North Korean  RED STAR OS and that he will attack America if Windows 10 is launched on July 29.
What Mr. Yong-Un forgets is that RED STAR OS was derived through further development of LINUX and copied elements from Windows and Apple.

So is this a joke? Probably not a joke, but one of his typical wild threats against America.

Nothing to worry about folks, Just enjoy WIN 10.


Meanwhile I have worked in hot weather to get the greenhouse project done.
Today we had a major operation going as the big 5’x7’ window was moved over from our neighbour. 4 people carrying were necessary to move the thing from the trailer and put it into the prepared frame. With some minor adjustments it fit right in.
Had me a tour over to my favorite lighthouse the other day. Lots of visitors were all over the place with some parties enjoying the popular tower tours, given by our volunteers. What a gorgeous place on a sunny day.
1-DSC_0770 1-DSC_0772
1-DSC_0774 1-DSC_0773
1-DSC_0783 1-DSC_0776
And when I returned Bea had found an unusual insect: It’s a Luna Moth. Light green in colour and big as my hand. 1-DSC_0796
Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Man, I don't know what that dude is smoking, but it must be some good sh*t. Ha!

  2. What a beautiful lighthouse indeed! I love going through old lighthouses.

  3. I am afraid to comment on Kim , he might see it and....who knows.

  4. The green house project is moving right along, gonna be nice.

  5. Good job on the green house project, love the lighthouse.

  6. Beautiful moth!

    I'm going to do the update to Windows 10. I hope it's a good one. And I hope we're safe when it starts installing! :)

    It would be nice to have a greenhouse like that. I can just see the seedlings growing...


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