Friday, June 12, 2015

With Potato Salad And Wieners In Danville, PA (Day6)

The rains had left but the humid heat with temps around 30-32C (90sF) continued all day long. Getting out of the van was like stepping into an overheated greenhouse. We ran up I-80 all the way and paid tolls seeing most all of our saved Dollar bills fly out. One of the attendants said it right out: Highway Robbery!
1-DSC_0346                                                 Bridge over I-80
I decided that it was a good time to get into a Quick Lube for an oil and filter change. This was done for 44 Bucks in place close to I-80. In Canada that would have been over 120 Bucks!!!
1-DSC_0350                         This guy coming right out of the civil war???
They checked lights, tire pressure, belts and made that dash-oil-light go away again. Figuring out that we were from Canada a young woman working there told us that she almost moved to Calgary. I told her that she wouldn’t be happy there as she most likely didn’t have a clout about sky-high housing costs and the generally unappealing city.
1-DSC_0353                                                   Highway pleasure
The whole thing took about an hour and we got back on I-80 East.
1-DSC_0360                   Beautiful Pennsylvania Farm with owners’s motor home
Gas prices seem to be rising by the hour. Indiana had already 2.99/gal up 20cts from the previous day and underway we have seen $2.85-2.89 many places in Pennsylvania.

We stopped in Danville, PA for the night and after moving into our room I drove into town to find a grocery store. I was bound to find potato salad and wieners. Entering the WEIS-Market was a most pleasant experience. The store is really inviting, has a lot to choose from and competitive with its prices. 
Before I knew it I had 2 1/2gal of juice, a pack of cheese, a box of most delicious blueberry Danishes, Wieners and a box of potato salad, all balancing in my arms. Why didn’t I take a basket or a cart?  Because I hadn’t expected to buy anything else than Wieners and potato salad! That’s why.
I’m sure you have done the same….ending up with buying more than you initially intended. That’s how these stores make their money. Yet I paid only 16 Bucks for all of my stuff. Way less than a visit at the local restaurant would have been.

We ate like hungry wolves and the potato salad with Wieners was just fantastic.

Meanwhile dark clouds have moved in over town and already we hear remote thunder claps approaching. Hopefully, this will lead to cooler temps. We are sure glad we got a new AC installed in our van. We would have been melting if we hadn’t.

Will we reach Campobello Island tomorrow? It’s almost 12hrs driving left from Danville. Come on by again to check it out. Most likely we will not be up to a posting before the day after tomorrow.


  1. That hot weather is sure welcome after the long cold winter. Thats the beat way to grab a meal, and you will have food for tomorrow as well.
    In the home stretch now, go for it.

  2. Know what you mean about that uncomfortable steamy humidity. Geeeezzzz, what did we ever do years ago when we never even heard of air conditioning. Best part of going away is coming home. Enjoy that 'coming down the home stretch' feeling.

  3. Danville PA - you were in our neck of the woods. Weis is a popular store chain in our area. If you ever need a hospital, Geisinger in Danville is one of the best. Hope you made it home ok!!


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