Friday, September 12, 2014

What Else Is Happening?

You know I am here on this property of an Edmonton RV-dealership and the agreement I have is that I am performing a form of light security. So far there has been precious little to do for me (Thanks God) but all that changed the other day when I did an early morning check-around along the many RVs parked here.

All-of-a-sudden I noticed a young man appearing out of one of the travel trailers. When I asked him where he came from he started talking a lot of gibberish, nothing of that making any sense to me.
Clearly, he did not know where he was and he seemed to be intoxicated, something he later admitted as having been drunk the evening before.

I placed a call to the owner of the RV-business who asked me to call the city police, which I did. All the time the suspect was staying around the property. Now, it is regrettable, but the police needed almost 2 hours before a cruiser pulled in. By that time it was discovered that suspect had started a fire in said travel trailer, which fortunately had not entirely lit up the trailer but yet damaged it beyond repair. He had started a fire in a plastic trash can, which in turn had melted and blackened built-in furniture.

Needless to say the suspect was taken under arrest and finally left the property in the cruiser.

Then this morning I was watching the dreaded morning news and heard that an arrest had been made for a person from that very same point of origin as our culprit was. That person had fled the scene of an accident and had been wanted by the police.
Our suspect had all bloody hands, which we thought had occurred under breaking through a window, but may as well have been caused under the mentioned accident, which by the way had been caused by the intoxicated driver. After the police officer had left, we found further evidence of a break and enter into the main building plus yet into another trailer. Blood everywhere!

Am I reconsidering my duties here? No, not so far, after all it has been pretty peaceful most of the time. But then….this is a big city with all its strange occurrences.

It is also the most ideal location for me getting to my job with only about 7 minutes of driving time.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Good luck with your security, hope you don't have too many more issues like that one.

  2. One of those issues is enough so hopefully everything goes back to peaceful.

  3. You're lucky yourself that he didn't cause you some harm.

  4. I think I would have called the cops first, but maybe the owners want to give the OK first? Probably a good thing he wasn't violent.


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