Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Almost Back To Normal On Campobello And I am Finally Working.

After 2 days of living camper-style parts of Campobello have returned to normal. That is the village of Wilsons Beach on the north end is still without power. As with other natural disasters people were all helping each-other. Some cooked food for those in need, others brought propane cook stoves they had sitting in the basement and now crews are working with removing fallen trees from roads and popular hiking paths. 

For me particularly, it was good to know that Bea received help from neighbours and that she did not get stranded in a hostile place.

While things return to normal on the island, I have finally started my training which so far I have enjoyed a lot. The trainers are extremely friendly and helpful and today I had a first run throughout the city with one of their nice Prevost buses. I would just love to have one of those for a motor home. But they cost upto $1.5mill. And I just know that we will never own anything like it, not even used.

Driving to and from work I have tried several different routes, but it turns out I have to cope with rush-hour-style traffic conditions where ever I chose to go.  It’s life in the city.

Thank you for dropping by again.


  1. I would swoon at the chance to drive a Prevost. Only ever got to drive an old transit bus once upon a time.

  2. Well I can't say I envy you having to drive in that kind of traffic & having to live in a city. I did it years ago but that was years ago. My Dad was a bus driver for awhile & used to take loads of folks to the Grand Ole Opry down in Tennessee. I never had an urge to drive a bus but I sure do enjoy driving a Motorhome.


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