Friday, September 13, 2013

The Last Days Of Summer And Bea Spotted A Spotted Guest

We are probably having the last days of summer. Temperatures have been playing jo-jo over the last days. From pretty chilly to high-humidity hot days to real windy days we’ve had it all over the course of a few days.
DSC_0037-002 DSC_0033-002    
DSC_0035-001 DSC_0034-001
Well, there haven’t been any “beach days” anymore but hey – it’s September and today is SCARY FRIDAY THE 13th. Whoa…
DSC_0038-001 DSC_0036-001
Another wet day – a little rain and a relaxing day for Peter to bake a PEACH CAKE!
A couple of evenings ago we’ve had areal light show going on – outside. I’m talking about a huge thunderstorm going along the mainland – but thankfully never hitting Campobello. But boy was that a lightning activity out west.
Apparently it went along with quite powerful winds taking off a few roof tops up river.

We had a few errands in our basement today and Bea spotted a little visitor in the entry to the basement. It turned out to be a Spotted Eastern Salamander.
DSC_0048-001 DSC_0044-001 DSC_0052-001
After taking his picture, we helped the little guy to a new abode outside. He was kind of cold and wasn’t doing many movements. But we were quite taken with this beautiful guy.

The END!


  1. I can't believe you made him move outside into the cold. He definitely is beautiful. Hoping Fall decides to move to the Southwest in the next month before we get there.

  2. It hasn't started to cool down here yet but we know it will. We don't like cold and we don't like heat. When it starts getting cold, we're really out of here.


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