Friday, August 9, 2013

Cookies Across The Border

She was never too eager in the kitchen department, but whenever she has a task there she makes a big splash. I’m referring to Bea, my dear wife of 26 years. Her cooking is nothing short of excellent, I have to praise her innovative garden salads and her baking skills are second to none.
If you read her last post “
Cookie Stampede” you will have to agree, that she’s been busy out of the ordinary.
The cookie stampede as part of our marketing went down last Wednesday in Lubec Maine. We are sponsors (not donors, honey…!) for a musical event they call SUMMERKEYS.
Bea had made about 390 cookies plus 2 banana breads. So here we are getting ready for departure into our neighbouring country. Our van is loaded with cookies and drinks and 3 days of work in the kitchen.
The border officer (he’s known to be a joking bird) is asking whether we bring anything into the United States of America. Me, I answer: “In fact, we do have something – 390 cookies!
Officer: “390 COOKIES! And who baked all these cookies?”
I’m pointing to my wife.
Officer: GOD BLESS YOU! Have a great evening!

T’is life at the border!


  1. I thought you were gonna say the border officer took the cookies !! LOL

  2. All that hard work and gone in a few minutes, hope the advertising paid off.

  3. I know from experience that those cookies were really delicious! Good job Bea!


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