Tuesday, October 23, 2012

And then it was Monday

The week started with a big day for me. It was time to start next year’s tourist marketing. With my partner, who is a boat operator, I went to St.Andrews and together we went through 5 meetings with owners and managers of local accommodations. The plan is to pick up tourists at St.Andrews and bring them by boat to Campobello Island, where they will spend a certain amount of time before they return to the mainland.
I’ve got to say that all meetings went extremely well and that we are looking forward to a great season in 2013.

Coming home before dark, I was as tired as can be and it didn’t take long after supper until I had fallen into my bed and was lost to the world.

And I guess that’s a sure sign that I’m not 25 or 30 anymore.

Today was an all-together different day as I started to convert our sightseeing van into a travel van. Since we are planning to leave what-ever trailer we‘re gonna purchase in the south, we want to have our van equipped as comfortable as possible.
First of all I will build a bed in the rear. Under the bed and behind the bed we’ll have a storage area. A portion of the bed can also be folded up and be used as a bench. Between the bed and the front seats we will have a mini kitchen and a simple table, but also storage capacity.

I am also considering a roof rack for a storage box. The challenge will be how to reach up to the roof as the van is already pretty high. Maybe a small ladder will come in handy.  It is a typical project where I need the van being in place to take measures all the time.
1-DSC_0031  1-DSC_0033
Another challenge is that the van’s inside walls are not symmetrical. Left side has a different plastic cover than the right side. Even the floor has its challenges as it is not even from one side to the other. The points where the three passenger benches are hooked into the bottom are sticking higher up than the rest of the carpeted floor.

bed conversion


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  1. Good luck with the conversion, I am sure you will do a great job, and be comfortable on your journey.


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