Tuesday, October 23, 2012

T’was Delivery Time

After Saturday’s most excessive rain of the season was over, Sunday morning was a pure delight. The sky was clear and the first rays of sun were lighting up the city of Eastport across from us. But the air was chilly. After all we are getting close to the end of October. While the west of the country is having their first adventure with snow, we are still blessed with relatively mild temperatures.
1-DSC_0008                                                          Maine Hwy 1
Sunday was the day we would have to say Good Bye to our motor home.
I had started the engine for a warm-up and gotten everything ready. Molly was to be the guest of our neighbours for the day. I hooked up the auto hauler behind the motor home and drove the Jeep onboard. The trailer was sold to the same buyer and that way Bea wouldn’t have to follow the motor home with the Jeep.
At 9am we were on the road and bound for Houlton,ME.
Maine Hwy1 can be bumpy so we kept a very moderate speed. The Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge was glowing in fall colours.  Maine is known for the wonderful fall season and it attracts thousands of visitors every year. Soon we were climbing to  the top of a high ridge from where one has the most stunning vistas stretching far to the north and beyond the Canada-border.
Large dark blue waters of the Chipnuneticook Lakes embedded in colourful autumn scenery adorned with even higher tops, the far-slung last expanses of the Appalachian Mountains. This area is so beautiful, it is breathtaking. 

                                                                                                                     The Chipnuneticook Lakes

Farther to the south and west of our route lies Mt.Katahdin (5270ft) which really is the last great challenge for hikers following the Appalachian Trail from the south.

The Chipnuneticook Lakes are a group of several lakes along the International Boundary between Maine and New Brunswick.

They are East Grand Lake, North Lake, Mud Lake, Spednic Lake, and Palfrey Lake
The lake’s outlet is the St. Croix River which actually is also the border line between Canada and the U.S.


We stopped for a coffee from our themos and had a simple sandwich lunch, before we got to our destination at Linneus.

Arriving at our buyers place, we seemed to trigger a stream of family members visiting to see the motor home. It was a circus.

Of course it took a while until every function of every switch and every feature was explained to the new owners, and I just imagine that they will be pouring over manuals in the days to come.

We were back on the road around 3pm and reached home just before dark.



Being tired from the long day we hit the sack pretty early. After all, a new exciting day was coming up on Monday.


Thanks for following along!



  1. congrats on selling your motorhome!!!

  2. What a beautiful final drive you got to take in your motorhome. The area sure is beautiful with all the colors.

  3. Such a beautiful drive to say goodbye to the motorhome. Nice to have it all behind you now.

  4. Pretty decent of you to do the delivery, but considering where the plates are from and which country your passport is from, that's pretty well the only way it could have been done. The new owners will have to sort out all the import jazz when they go to register it in their names.
    Much simpler that way.
    I remember leaving our motorhome behind for the last time. It's never an easy thing to do.

  5. I would think it was a bitter sweet moment for sure....you had a gorgeous final drive...


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