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Monday, October 1, 2012

The Caledonian Sky was visiting Campobello Island

 It is certainly not a huge ship, but nevertheless it was a great thing for the Island when the “Caledonian Sky” was making headway towards the new 400sqft. floating dock of the Roosevelt Park today. Of course she had to anchor outside about half a mile from shore, but the island tender brought 110 British Cruise guests ashore. We shuttled them up to the cottage where they all milled about. And after taking “The Tea with Eleanor”, they were ready to get onboard for a hopefully nice dinner and a the usual evening entertainment. The ship is on a voyage along the coast and will be continuing southward to Washington DC.
DSC_0223-mi  DSC_0225
Unfortunately they experienced technical trouble under ways when the generator wasn’t working right. Everybody had to be taken off the ship and flown to Halifax where they had to be accommodated. After a speedy repair the ship went to Lunenburg,NS where the passengers went onboard again.

While we were waiting for the arrival of the ship, Bea went around the area and took pictures. It was another beautiful day and the British tourists seemed to be extremely happy.  If you wonder about the price tag of this 14-day cruise: It is CAD15,000/person. Bon Voyage!

DSC_0161-mi  DSC_0249-mi 
                                                                           The tender boat     
DSC_0174-mi  DSC_0215-mi 
Freighter at Eastport  



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