Tuesday, October 9, 2012

“The World” came for a visit

Huh? Yep, it’s true, The World (644ft long) came sneaking by to dock at Eastport Harbour.
I’m talking about the cruise ship “The World”, which, launched in 2002, is one of the most luxurious global cruise ships. It contains 165 condos for the rich and the super-rich of this --- world.
I’m thinking of guys like Donald Trump, or Lady Gaga or….. you get the point don’t you?

Yesterday a group of 40 of those luxury passengers came over by boat from St.Andrews to see the Roosevelt Cottage as it was the last chance for this year. It is not every day that we can see cruise ships of that magnitude come into our area.

If you are rich enough you can purchase (not anymore, sold out -sorry) a condo onboard, live there years of your life or as long as you like and at the same time travel from one place to the other. The ship never stops, it will stay in a harbour maybe for a day or two – then move on. It’s been to every continent, to way over hundred countries.
I know you are curious enough to want to know more, maybe see pictures. Well, they wouldn’t let ME onboard and they have made sure you can’t even sneak off a picture of their website. So I guess, the only way you can see and read more of it is clicking on their website. Graciously enough, that is possible.
So here it is: http://aboardtheworld.com/
I had called the Eastport Harbour Authority and was told the ship would leave at 6:00 EDT which 7:00 our time. So we got in the car and were watching the departure from North Road, which is just 200 yards below our house. As a bonus we could witness a nice sunset, and then the ship was moving.
We scrambled into the car and went out to Head Harbour Passage, where we knew we would see the ship pretty up close. Trouble was the light was disappearing rapidly.
When we arrived Head Harbour Lightstation we had just enough time to set up camera and get ready. And there it came, slowly it was moving out from behind the rocks. I set up camera on top of a park bench. Quite a few people had come to witness the departure of this queen of the seas. We knew we would probably never see the ship here again. We were all wondering what kind of people were onboard and what they were doing just then.

An amazing experience for us to see it glide almost in complete silence through the narrow passage and behind the Head Harbour Lightstation.  Taking pictures of the ship wasn’t the easiest task as it was really getting dark. Thanks to the use of PICASA I could manage to bring some light back into the pictures.

Good Bye World. Hope to see you again.

Have a luxurious time – browsing the pages.


  1. We we fortunate enough to see the World when it docked in Astoria, Oregon a few years ago. We felt like ants standing on the dock next to it. But we got lots of great pictures. It is so huge you have to take pictures in portions... Glad you got to see it too.

  2. Cannot even imagine such a lifestyle. Went to the website and checked it out. Must be some really rich folks out there somewhere!!

  3. Maybe in our next life we fulltime in something like The World. This year was reserved for an RV

  4. That would be an amazing lifestyle for sure, we like fulltime rv'ing, but fulltime cruising would be awesome too!


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