Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Things are moving in the Sales Department

We have had a couple of days where the sale of our motor home was the main topic. One guy shows up and leaves, another guy shows interest and next thing I know another one makes a call. And as I write this yet another one is calling  from Maine. Suddenly we are in a hot seat but still we can’t write  any plans in stone.


Being a guy who always needs to know what’s around the next bend these are tantalizing times for me. What I absolutely can’t understand, because it goes completely against  the way I am thinking, is when somebody is wavering in his decision making process.


Fall colours along our road

If I want something and have the means to get it done, then I am doing it. I’m just not in the habit of wavering back and forth.

It has been like that all my life. When I first made the decision to emigrate to Norway I was gone so fast, my poor parents couldn’t believe it. Then we got a repeated performance in 2002 when the next step was taken, this time to Canada.

Property sales and ..purchases were happening the very same style.

I still remember the purchase of our first Class C. Living in Alberta, I was scanning internet ads when I saw this rig offered in……New Jersey, just about as far away as it could get. After making the deal I got on a flight, and was sitting in that Class C behind the wheel before the sun had gone down on the east coast. That’s me. I had so much fun driving that thing 5000kms home.

Other people are different, and there’s nothing wrong with that as long as they don’t have to deal with me.
As things have to run along the fast lane I’m probably the most impatient human being who has ever walked the surface of the earth. Ask Bea about it, if you don’t believe me.

I have been thinking a lot where this impatient attitude is coming from and I am leaning towards that I must have had in my genes, inherited from mother. Mother was always called “SPEEDY – the fastest mouse in Mexico”, and FAST she was and oh my… so impatient when it came to waiting for something to happen. She could run up the whole family  with something and everybody got in a mood.  But when things finally moved she was all smiles and happy as can be. That was her and that is me.


Now you know what’s up here so I won’t bother you anymore and get on to other things….like an after-supper-cup-of-coffee.

Thanks for being there for us!



  1. I enjoyed your beautiful fall pictures. Good luck with the sale of the motorhome. I am a "thinker" when it comes to big decisions...have to weigh everything and do my research and talk it over. Thank goodness Russ is much the same way!

  2. Maybe it's that extra cup of caffeine. lol My friend Dianna that we are looking at travel trailers with, is the extreme opposite from you. She thinks, analyzes, and researches everything to death. She would drive you over the edge. And you would put her in a straight jacket. Too funny. But I sure hope that MH does go quickly for you. Gorgeous pictures.

  3. Ah, you're what might be considered a "type A" personality. Or in a program that was introduced to me many, many years ago called "Counsellor Selling", a "driver/analytical". Just a guess.
    There's no messing around with too many details when it comes to a "driver", just show him/her the benefit and the price, and they'll usually buy. Just don't waste their time.
    Hopefully one of those people makes a decision and writes you a cheque in fairly short order.

  4. Good luck and hopefully the sale goes quick and easy for you.

  5. What you need is someone to show with cash in one hand and a pen in the other. Hope he comes soon!


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