Monday, October 8, 2012

Closing Day

A belated Happy Thanksgiving to all Canadians! I hope you all had a good turkey dinner. Here, on Campobello it was also the last day of the tourist season as the Roosevelt Campobello Intern’l Park has closed its doors for the winter. That also means that there will be no more tourist driving for us.
Instead we can focus on planning our last month before heading out to join up with friends in the great American South-West.

DSC_0130 DSC_0131
We are still trying to locate a buyer for our motor home.
Several people have been contacting us with questions, but so far nothing has worked out. It can’t be that hard to sell a nice Diesel Pusher at a competitive price. But apparently people are hesitating to spend money on their dreams. Rising fuel prices may be one of the reasons. On the other side we have found several interesting travel trailers we would like. But we have still another month to go.

And here is more about our motor home.

I’ll keep it short today, making sure you aren’t gettin’ bored.

Thanks for staying close!


  1. That's a beauty! Maybe you could post a link to the ad; you never know what networking might accomplish.

    But...where's the composting toilet???


  2. Sure will be nice to see you guys again. The desert is really pretty right now.

  3. It's a beautiful looking MH. Sure hope you are able to sell it before you head south.

  4. Good luck with selling your coach, but a link to your add would be helpful, you never know!


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