Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Rumble In The South But No Damage

While most of you bloggers are far from the happenings of Tropical Storm “Sandy” you have probably heard about the incredible devastating impact the storm has had on US coastal cities. And just like I thought the flooding turned out to be the worst of all problems.

Right now and over here we hear thunder rolls rumbling in the south. The temps have been around the 18C mark and that is very warm to be the day before Halloween. When still living in Alberta, Halloween used to be the day when the first snow would fall.

Early this morning I drove down to Herring Cove Beach to look at the surf. It was low tide so the waters were quite a ways down, but one could see that the surf had been reaching all the way up where the green beach grass was.


Most impressive was the dark atmosphere along the beach. With the air full of humidity the vision was limited. An eerie feeling was creeping along my back.

Was this FRANKEN STORM? What would it do to us?


Well, here on Campobello island, it didn’t do any damage at all. The full wrath was directed towards the Great Lakes where people experienced a whole lot more trouble.


The van is now equipped with a receiver hitch and we have reserved a little U-Haul trailer from November 10 to take up all our camping gear we cannot fit in the van. Kind of unusual for us to face this situation, but hey it’s just a new experience. And I will be such a happy camper when I roll out of the gas stations knowing that the gas I bought is not gonna cost the same as the Diesel we needed for our motor home. Most places in Maine Diesel is now 60 cents over the price of reg. gas. That does not make any sense to me.


Guess that must be all for now. I have the hitch-itch real bad and need to make a list of what to take along on the road.


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  1. Sometimes change is good. This will be a new experience and something different to look forward to. Glad you escaped damage from Sandy.

  2. Sure do know all about that hitch-itch. There's no greater feeling than when you are finally on the road !!


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