Saturday, October 20, 2012

Tropical Storm RAFAEL Came Visiting

1-DSC_0002We knew it would be raining today and so we had canceled the delivery of the Motor Home to Houlton ME. But what we got was slightly more than a normal fall rain. Tropical storm RAFAEL dumped about 3 inch of rain over the island.

When Bea heard a gurgling noise (I hadn’t..) she went after it. It turned out we had a creek through our basement. Luckily the previous owners must have had similar rain bursts before and build a grove all around the concrete floor. And that was where the water was making those gurgling sounds.
1-DSC_0019 1-DSC_0035

Well, there was nothing we could do about it and of course the bonus is that the basement has a piped outlet, otherwise we could have opened a swimming pool down there.

Needless to say we were spending most of the day inside. When there was a short break in the rain, Bea ventured outside with Molly.
1-DSC_0026 1-DSC_0028

First during late afternoon the rain relented and I had enough of filling up my IKEA PoƤng chair. Besides, I was curious to see how the waves were crashing into the rocks of Liberty Point. So Molly and me went into the JEEP and into the Roosevelt Park.
1-DSC_0043  1-DSC_0022

Boy, the park had changed a lot, or at least the forest. The roadways were strewn with yellow leaves, many trees were completely bare.
The main entry road was flooded as Lake Glensevern had gone up. A sign said ROAD CLOSED, but of course, everybody went through it anyway.

When I got out at Liberty Point, the wind almost took away my caps. I commanded Molly to stay on the path and away from the view platform as I was afraid she could slip underneath the rails. Between Grand Manan and the coast of Maine the sea was a raging monster of white caps as far as I could see.
The wind was howling in the trees and from across the water I could hear a buoy screaming out her warning. Luckily there were no boats or ships in sight, it would have been very uncomfortable onboard.
Supposedly the sun will be out again tomorrow and with that we will drive up to Houlton to deliver our motor home.
I know we are gonna miss it for a while, but then we will be in a cozy trailer and enjoy the sun of the south west until again it is time to turn homeward in April.

Tis the life of a snowbird!

Thanks for being out with us today!


  1. Those are incredible pictures of the waves. Sure glad you and Molly didn't blow away. I may have missed it somewhere but what kind of trailer do you have to come south with?

    1. A trailer hasn't been picked yet. Either we buy one up here or we find it along the way in the U.S.

  2. Love the photographs. We all are eagerly awaiting our trips south and westerly! We are looking forward to your flying in the "wild blue yonder!"

  3. When I read "Houlton, Maine" I immediately got terribly homesick and almost teary eyed. That's only about 40 miles from my dearest memories.... Will you be going up there to pick up your rig? Glad you got the water situation under control... but still, I'm looking forward to your post about Houlton ;-)

  4. Liked thpse ocean & rocks photos. Reminded me of sitting on the rocks at Peggy's Cove Nova Scotia back in the mid 80's watching the mighty Atlantic ocean rolling in & crashing upon the rocky shores.

  5. love your the water didn't rise...grooves are useful....take care


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