Saturday, October 27, 2012

Finally a Decision…

 Yesterday evening we were doing a last effort to find a suitable trailer on the internet. I had looked at the same page many times earlier without noticing this one:
screen-capture-1It is a Flagstaff Super Light, box length 27ft. and within our van’s towing limit.
Also the hitch weight is at a mere 440punds.
trailer100 trailer101 trailer102  We made sure we landed on a trailer with a welded aluminum frame as opposed to the heavier old-fashioned wood-framed trailers.
This one’s got three slides, which is kind of unusual for travel trailers. In fact there are still trailers out there with no slide-outs. We really liked the interior with it’s roomy kitchen and the open floor space in the middle.
This trailer, along with others from this company is heavily discounted. My guess is that they would sell way beyond $30,000 in Canada. Luckily, we will never take this trailer to Canada. It will remain our home in the U.S.

While all this comfort is waiting for us down the road I am still busy applying my construction skills to the conversion from a passenger van to a camping van. The basic bed construction is finished and today I made a little kitchen counter, where there will be room for a dish bowl and a small cook stove.
1-DSC_0102  1-DSC_0100

A neighbour coming by today were making the comparison of how we would travel like the Hippies did, back in the late sixties. Well, I have never been a Hippie or hung onto flower power since I was a bit too young for that kind of stuff, but I certainly owned a Volkswagen Bus once and yes, I did fit it into a camper van back in the seventies, about 10 years after the time had run from those days of hippie life.
1-DSC_0097 We had an incredible warm nice day and simply had to take a coffee break in the sun              
I still have very fond memories of that Volkswagen, even though the first engine quit on me after 60,000km (40K miles).

While I was having a ball with my tools, Bea had gone chasing golf balls all over the Campobello Golf Course. Nope, she is NOT any habitual golf player, but said neighbour took her along to learn the basics. As I understand quite a few balls were lost into the brambles, never to be seen again. But, alright, learning is what a coming master has to do and the main thing is that the girls had fun. I had always thought that golfing is something for the rich and lazy, but according to Bea it was a real trim to make those walks across the green.

Is she gonna hit it?

Not to speak of the involved concentration to hit that round little thing and not to kick the turf around.

Well, maybe it’s me next time, who knows. I can start exercising in the sand dunes of California. At least there are no brambles around.

Have a great Day and thanks for skipping along!



  1. You didn't tell us if you bought the trailer or are still looking ....????

  2. That is a gorgeous trailer. And what a great picture of you two except you're missing someone.

    1. Don't you know? Molly took the picture! :))

  3. Our second RV was a 24' Prowler travel trailer but it didn't have any slides or all that room yours has, Very nice. Also had a couple VW Camper Vans & toured the east coast in one. And that bed in the back of your van is very similar to one I had in a full size Ford van back in the late 70's. Was wondering where you plan to leave the trailer in the States for the summer months. Sounds like a great idea & one which we had been thinking about as well.

  4. What a beautiful home! I hope you'll have miles and miles of safe and happy travels in it. That "interior renovation" looks like something Bill would like to do....

  5. Looks like a great purchase, lotsa room and you will not have to tow it all over the country. I know there is storage for you near Holtville, if thats where you plan on staying. Enjoy the journey.

  6. You remember. We have a Flagstaff Superlite 5th wheel, 2009. Thrilled with it. Love the carpet design in yours.

  7. What a gorgeous looking trailer ! So glad you found something that suited you. You'll have to give me the tour of it when we meet again !


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