Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Windy Day and A Neighbour Is Visiting

When ever I tossed and turned last night I heard the wind howling around the house. A little taste of what’s coming I thought and slept for another while. Actually there was a lightning storm when we first went to bed last night. But it was a distance away and never really got to the island. 1-slide0014_image064It was still blowing out of the west when I finally got down to the kitchen for coffee. But the clouds of the night were gone and a blue sky was showing up.
Walking Molly outside, I dressed like I would be going to the North Pole.
It reminded me of the time we spent in Alberta (pic. to the left) when an icy wind would be blowing of the lake. Difference was, we never had to walk the dogs out there. They had our 120ac to play around on. In fact I assume they enjoyed being on  their own.

Anyway, at 9am our neighbour lady came over and brought the visitor of the day. She herself is about moving off the island. And today they scheduled truckloads of stuff going to her new place of residence.
And here is our visitor. His name is SKIPPY. But SKIPPY was NOT a happy camper. Soon after his mom was gone he started whining, and let out a few barks from time to time. He was not in the mood of playing and was ignoring our Molly. Whether  he finally understood that his mom would not come back any time soon or he just gave up is unclear, however, he calmed down and was a good boy until late afternoon when his owner came back for him.
DSC_0012 DSC_0011
Some dogs just can’t be without their owner without being deeply unhappy.

I had made a trip to Machias,ME to get some groceries and had brought home fresh Haddock and frozen Pollock fillets.
Bea made a phantastic supper. Fried Haddock, mashed potatoes and cabbage in a white gravy. Check out her posting.

The Pollock will be used for a nice fish chowder one of these days.

See you around the bend.


  1. Sometimes laying awake and listening to the wind can put you to sleep faster than you think. Other times it's too noisy.

    Dogs are people too. Skippy wanted momma.

  2. Supper sounds delicious, great for a cold day!


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