Friday, October 5, 2012

No Big Rain

That big rain which was forecasted yesterday never happened. Checking the attic today for leaks didn’t get us any clou whether or not the roof was tight after yesterday’s repair. Sometimes these big green blobs moving up the weather map just don’t happen. When I checked this morning the entire North-East was clear of rain. Clouds were moving in this afternoon and made for gloomy second half of the day.

Today’s pictures are from the little town of Lubec,ME
DSC_0269-mi DSC_0269-mi

Yesterday’s comments expressed some concern re. the “precarious angle” of my ladder. Well, the angle was the same as the roof’s pitch and I had it secured with that solid red rope I had found on the beach the other day. I had thrown it across the ridge and on the other side it was tied to the trailer hitch of our Jeep. So you can rest assured I was as safe as can be. Thanks for the concern though!


Got a phone call this afternoon. It was the library lady telling me that Bea’s bulbs had arrived.  Since I had no idea about it Bea had to enlighten me about her order. So hopefully, next year we will see tulips and other spring flowers sprout out of the ground.

 DSC_0273-mi DSC_0275-mi

Yesterday evening Mrs, Molly had shown some strange behaviour as she refused to lie down on her doggy bed. It was just like she expected a monster to spring up from under her bed. When she lay down beside of my chair I noticed that she was shelving. Together we pondered out that she had probably eaten too much and was suffering under some stomach pains.

Much to our relief this morning she was quite herself again. Looking to my left I can now see her sleeping peacefully on her doggy bed. The monster has gone.

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  1. Missed yesterday's blog until today. If ever you use a hitch on a vehicle to tie a rope for safety disconnect the coil wire first. People have been killed because somebody else drove away with the vehicle and did not see the rope.
    Be SAfe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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