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Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Turn In The Weather And What’s Gonna Happen Next

They have named it FRANKENSTORM and the name indicates a grueling experience with the biggest storm since 2003.
Are we gonna get pounded by a super storm? Canadian weather men are warning that “Sandy” could cause major power outages and widespread damages to property. Headlines like this one are all over the news:

Sandy's a storm that will cause havoc over 800 miles from East Coast to Great Lakes

Not only are we fearful of the strong winds but the incredible amounts of expected rain will cause flooding in many areas. For our own sake we are located along a sloping terrain so whatever water comes, will also run farther down towards the bay. Properties in low lying areas and along rivers and streams have a lot more reason to be fearful, as every little creek will swell up.

The question is whether the storm will stay on a predicted course towards Toronto or turn eastward ending up over Atlantic Canada. One thing is for sure: We will get enormous amounts of rain.

Since we are planning to leave around November 10 we might encounter damaged roads, washed-away bridges and barriers of knocked-over trees.

Our new trailer is waiting for us in the town of Walcott, IA. Lets hope we will reach that place without having to do huge detours.

To be on the safe side I got a 5gal. can of gasoline which will run our Honda 2000i for a few days. Power outages are quite common over here, mostly due to the very old grid supply lines. If power companies could finally start to bury them in the ground like they have had it over in Europe for 50 years power supply sure would be more reliable.

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  1. Good luck with the storm and hope you can get your tailer on time.

  2. With your Honda and your experience boondocking, an electric outage probably will be a piece of cake for you. Hope it doesn't flood and the winds don't cause any damage. Keep us posted how you're doing when you can.

  3. stay safe folks praying it passes us all by...we're slated to leave wednesday...not sure tho depends on this storm...


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