Monday, October 1, 2012

Our Beloved Pets

It is a fact that most Rv’ers are taking their pets with them when they travel. It would be quite unusual if we would leave our animal family members at home.
And since we can all relate to this I have decided to put out a warning about a certain pet treat we have read and heard about on the internet.
The pet treat, dried chicken meat, is originating from China and contains poisonous contaminants which will cause a sudden diarrhea and can cause death of your dog by destroying your dogs kidneys.
Hundreds of dogs in the U.S. and Canada have either died or gotten very sick, some with remaining problems. Molly’s problems have always occurred when her food contains pieces of chewy bits.

For reference this is the actual link to the info on CBC:


Boomer 2005

Molly has had diarrhea a few times after eating dog food with chicken. Those were not even treats, as we normally don’t buy special treats for her. Some times it was so bad that her droppings were stained red.
Whenever that happened we have removed her food and given her Peptobismol. The food in question has then either been returned to the store or been discarded.

We now look for buying a food with lamb+rice.
It is a fact that even brand names we have thought to be connected to quality dog food have manufactured contaminated food.

Contaminated Food scandals have mostly originated in China. It is a terrible thing to loose a pet because of you unknowingly poisoned it.

Let this warning go to your heart and lets all move away from doubtful qualities. Read the contents list on the package. If you have any doubt, leave it on the shelf.
Lawmakers haven’t done anything to get that dangerous dog food off the shelf. Many times it is the cheap food which is most dangerous. Also be aware of that Wally-Mart is importing most of its merchandise from --- China.

Let our pets stay healthy!
Thanks for taking the time to read the CBC-link!


  1. We have been following the pet food problems and now buy only a couple of USA made dog foods that contain minimum to no fillers. As for the treats, we have just embarked on a project to start making all our own treats.

    1. Be aware of that a brand can appear to be made in America, but use ingredients originating from China. Here, in Canada manufacturers are not required to put that info on the package.

  2. Thanks P & B, I was mainly being careful to avoid "treats" from China.... will definetly avoid "so called chicken "


  3. We've had issues with our dog and certain foods too. Thanks for the tip.

  4. Our girls are now getting homemade chicken. They only get tiny treats when they are good girls. Makes me so angry that the government won't step in and do something to save our pets.

  5. We don't have pets but do visit a lot of people with them, will pass on the info.

  6. Beautiful photos! Love that red fur! My crew actually prefers Lamb & Rice.


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