Saturday, October 13, 2012


1-DSC_0067Another week is gone. Yesterday we took delivery of 7 sheets of wallboard to be used in our entry. Since it was rather rainy we had covered the wallboard with a huge tarp and in between the showers I managed to sneak one at a time inside and screw it to the wall. Even though I’m not yet finished it kind of looks good so far. Of course, I could have continued today if there wouldn’t have been this ice-cold, and I mean ICE-COLD, wind out of the north-west, standing right onto our entryway. Matter of fact the thermometer read 32F as of this morning. Gone are the mild warm days of the fall season.
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And yet we had the most beautiful sunshine all day. But a guy had to get out of the wind, so I decided to clean out the last cupboards in the motor home. It has surprised me beyond limits what massive amount of stuff we had in the motor home. I’m sure it must have been a 1000 pounds we hauled out of there.
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After lunch we went for a nice hike through the woods. Enjoying the pristine nature along a quiet forest trail is one of my favorite things to do. And Molly sure needed a walk as well. She even caught a mouse for lunch again. Yikes!
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Bea as a pump operator  Strawberries in October

Finally got a couple of calls on the motor home, and one of them is ready to deal, yet I’m holding off as another interested future RVer might give me a better deal. But it won’t take much longer than another two weeks before a sale is done.
Delicious Mushroom – found in Roosevelt Park 
Not edible: Tree Mushroom

Time to move on. The big question now is whether we’re gonna take a used travel trailer or rather a new one. Looking at the loss of value the used one would most likely be the better way to go as most of the depreciation is already done. A new trailer might be nicer and have features one can’t find in a used unit.
Kijiji: HUDGE PRICE DROP!!Then there is the question of the right size. Too small and we are getting cabin fever, too big and we can’t pull it around. Even though the main goal is having the trailer permanently stationed in the south it should also be possible to tow it around. Our 1t. Chevy Van can pull 7400 pounds. That sets a clear limit to the weight. But many new travel trailers also offer a huge space without going over that limit. Older units are generally of a heavier build.

Some (cheaper) trailers have an aluminum siding, while more expensive ones have a gel-coat surface. Older units often suffer of de-laminating surfaces. Some trailers are build as a wood frame construction others have a solid welded aluminum cage. Double pane windows are good to have, but are rarely found on units sold in the south.

There is so much to choose and so much to think about.
I must always think of a posting Al from the Bayfield Bunch once wrote about being awed and wowed so much that it is easy to loose the goal out of sight.
Eventually, we will sort it all out. But the clock is sure ticking towards winter. Hopefully we’ll hit the road by November 15.

Now, thanks for hanging in here!

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  1. Great news on your MH. We were looking at TT's yesterday with our friend Dianna who wants one. There are sure a lot out there to choose from. She found a 26 foot North Trail that we all really liked the looks of. Felt more like a fiver inside rather than a TT. Hope the weather holds for you.


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