Monday, October 26, 2015

We Got A Wooden Wood Shelf And A Dog On Loan

Having a wood stove means getting fire wood inside the house. And not only in the house but also to where ever the wood stove is, which is the living room with us. And once the wood is inside it needs to be stored in some way. 1-DSC_0403

And Bea had just the right idea for that. Could a book shelf hold other tings than books?  An image on the internet showed the right example, and when a neighbour inquired whether we could have use for a bookshelf she was going to throw out, two good things came together.
And it was a bonus that the shelf was in the very same style as the 2 other bookshelves we already had. Filled with wood (and some books) it looks like it has been there all the time
For over a week we have had a second dog in the house. GRACIE is a dog on loan, or rather a dog who was in need of dog-sitting as her owners are on a trip south of the border..
1-DSC_0405Gracie is so quiet that we sometimes forget that she is here. She loves to dig herself into her soft blankets and sleep for a long time. But that doesn’t mean that her 16 years of age have been getting the better of her. No Sir, when she is getting into the right mood she is racing from room to room or around the table like a young puppy would do. She doesn’t seem to have any health issues and gets along with Molly just fine.
Even though bigger dogs have always scored the highest points with me, I must admit that I really like her as she is cute as a button.

And tomorrow I am gonna have my very last tour customer. The lady called this morning asking for availability for an Island Tour. And why not. Fall colours are still very beautiful and though a bit on the cool side, the weather is gonna be just fine with clear sunny skies.
After the tour I have to drive to Fredericton (again…) for being in place on Wednesday morning at 5am for a 6-day trip to NYC and Boston.


  1. We used to heat with a wood stove. It's a wonderful kind of heat. However, we only brought in the wood for the evening. Hopefully, your wood has been "de-bugged".

    1. Out here we are not afraid of "bugs". So we are not debugging any wood. Would be pretty hopeless to achieve with the amounts of wood we burn. People have lived with natural wood in their house for eternities...and survived.

  2. I heated n 4 of my homes complete;y with wood. Love the heat it is more work but not too bad if you plan for it.
    So nice and cosy too.

  3. What a sweet little face. Could fall in love with a face like that !!!

  4. I've never heated with wood - never even had a fireplace. But it does sound cozy. Gracie is so cute. Our girls burrow and love to wrap up in blankets.

  5. Love what you did with the bookcase, perfect. Gracie still looks like a puppy.

  6. I love the bookcase/wood storage idea! Never seen that before. I've lived in two homes heated entirely by a wood stove, it's my favorite way of heating. Once you purchase your wood for the winter, you're done with heating costs for the year, and I loved the heat it put out.

    Little Gracie is a doll, such a sweet little girl. :)

  7. We dog sat a dog for three months and now five years later she is still with us:)


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