Thursday, October 22, 2015

Taking On The Big Apple And Our Van Is Back

Thursday morning had barely started when the phone was ringing off the hook. Russ, the island mechanic, was telling me that our van was ready for pickup.  ?????  He’d been working at it from 4:30am. Atta boy! 

But it all came at a price.
The bill was just about 800 Bucks!!!


Fuel pump was over $400 rest was labour and tax.

Why for Pete’s sake they put the fuel pump in a totally inaccessible place like through the top of the tank and not within the fuel line, is beyond me.

So, with PEI-Bob around, he drove me the few kms over to the shop.
1-DSC_0400      Getting a bit crowded around here…
This coming weekend I am attending a First Aid course in Fredericton. Might come in handy one day when driving a bus.
Then from October 28 to November 02 I am off to take a good bite out of The Big Apple aka NYC.
Hopefully all New Yorkers know this and stay at home when I come. I do not appreciate their traffic volume. While down there, we also take a trip to experience some MASSHOLES, pardon my French, I am thinking of Bostonions, whose city has been named the worst American city to drive in. Boy, am I ever looking forward to this.


  1. Sorry about the fuel pump Peter, and congrats on the cozy living room wood stove. Hi Bob!

  2. Most big cities are nightmares to drive in. Some are just worse than others. I'd bundle Atlanta in that group too.

  3. We just had the fuel pump replaced in our coach, again in the fuel tank. 2 hundred dollar fuel pump 24 hundred dollars labor. Like you said totally unaccessible.
    Good luck with NYC.


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