Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Long Ride To Moncton And A Very Stressful Return

Thanksgiving Is over again and with all public offices open, we could finally make the ride to Moncton, NB to examine a car we considered to buy.
1-DSC_0344                “Lost” in the fog…even our GPS couldn’t see the road
It wasn’t all bad weather yesterday morning but the sun didn’t show. The weather forecast spoke of rain showers in the afternoon though. And, surprisingly, temperatures were supposed to reach 70F in the Moncton area.
              Fall colours are at their peak.
The object of our desire was a Buick Park Avenue Ultra.  It would make a great car for driving around locally. I have always preferred a bigger car versus a small one. I still think that small cars are more likely to turn into a death trap in case of an accident.
1-DSC_0359 1-DSC_0358
Riding north on the TC1 we soon noticed that the warm weather had caused a build-up of fog patches. Reaching Moncton at noon, we met the owner of the car.
Our examination of the car showed that all 4 tires had to be replaced, which led to a radically lowered price. After all paperwork we visited a tire shop and got 4 brand new winter tires mounted. And the boys didn’t fool around very long as the car was out front and ready within one hour. Meanwhile we had been sitting in a Pizza Hut and enjoying delicious crusty-crispy pizza, watching from across the road when the car turned up again out front.
1-Buick Park Avenue
But it was time to start on the run home. Darkness would settle in about 3 hour and I was afraid of running around in dense fog. It started to rain at around 3pm and pretty soon buckets of rain started coming down. It seems that it is always the area around St.John which receives most of the rain. We reduced speed accordingly and reached the St.Stephen border station around 7pm. A Valero Gas Station is right behind the border and both vehicles had to be filled up.

The last hour along ME Coastal Rte 1 was NO FUN!
Fog was so dense that it was hard to see ANYTHING.
Finally reaching our home back on Campobello we felt exhausted. Again, it goes to show that we are not 25yrs. anymore.


  1. Such gorgeous colors! Congrats on your new car and glad you made it home safe and sound. Yeah, driving in fog is awful.

  2. Gotta love the colors at this time of year.
    Suzie loved her Buick too, but a little to heavy for us to tow behind our gas coach.

  3. Such beautiful fall colors where you live. I agree a larger car is safer.


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