Sunday, October 4, 2015

New Boondockers And Something Else

As many of our readers know we are members of the “Boondockers Welcome” organisation. Members allow boondockers to stay on their private property for a number of nights. The idea is not to cheat the campgrounds and RV-Parks, even though users will save the camp fees, but the most interesting part is meeting new folks and making friends. Over the years we have had many people visiting us on Campobello, thereby building a network where we could stay overnight.
Since 2012 we have been host to 31 boondockers, 11 of those just this year.
Our last boondockers just left. Dale and Annie Klein with son Elliot and daughter Alice are now on their way north. Via Moncton,NB they will be entering the Province of Prince Edward Island where they will be staying at our friend’s place Booby Weir at Charlottetown. This family is on a one-year all North American journey, traveling with a 26ft travel trailer. Son Elliot is writing a blog
Check it out to follow their travels!

Monday will be the start of a new job for me. A New Brunswick Bus company was looking for a new driver and I was offered a job there. So with that settled we are set to stay home. It’s gonna be our first winter on Campobello Island.
We considered to get our trailer and the ambulance van from Alberta but might just go for finding a cheap car for the commute to job. Yesterday we have been looking at a Volvo V70. It looked really nice with no rust, but had a few issues we didn’t like. So I guess we will have to look a little more.


  1. I'm so happy for you that you'll be staying home this winter with your job. That's going to be really nice for you and Bea! But I'm really sorry I'll miss you again at Hot Springs LTVA. The good thing, though, it that it will still be there when you are ready to come back down for the winter. And probably all the same people will be there, LOL. Good luck with your car hunt. :)

  2. So that means we will be seeing some snow pictures? :))

  3. Wow that is big news. Congrats on the job and a chance to enjoy your home for the winter. A new adventure awaits.

  4. Thats good you will have the job there, maybe want a 4x4 vehicle for the winter commute.
    Will miss you again the southwest.

  5. Ah, someone with whom I can compare snow drifts. Not that that's a "thing" or anything. Good luck with the hunt for a vehicle.

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