Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Rainy Day In New York

After one night at a less than mediocre motel in Fredericton I did not feel rested, and at 3am my night was pretty much over. I got dressed and ate some junk food but was longing for coffee. What kind of motel was this without offering a coffee maker to their guests? So I took my stuff and got in the van, driving down the street. A gas station would have coffee, I figured. Indeed they had just set up the coffee dispenser. With a coffee cup stored at my dash I continued on my way to the bus company.
My co-driver hadn’t arrived yet, but a motor home was parked down there with the owner waiting for something outside. Turned out the rig was scheduled for some repair and he was waiting for his wife to pick him up. Had myself a little chat with the fellow until co-driver Doug rolled in. Together we got the bus ready for the trip and made it out of the yard to the University Campus where our group of students would be waiting for us at 6am. And it didn’t take long until we were rolling out of town.

We border-crossed at Houlton, ME and started on the long run down I-95 to the Big Apple.
Several rest stops later we left Massachusetts and it started to rain. It’s gonna rain all the rest of the way, but I’m not driving. Co-driver Doug has taken over. He’s the expert on NYC and will get the bus to the hotel in the city.

And that’s all for today, I guess. Have to catch some sleep…. 

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