Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Seems We Are Getting Ready For Winter

Over the past couple of days I have been working on getting a wood stove ready in our living room.
The stove we had installed in the basement is heating up the dining area through a floor mounted register, but since these are separate rooms the heat is not reaching not reaching into our living room. So we found a slightly used fitting wood stove.
1-DSC_0370First thing was getting 2 cement boards which I installed on the floor and on the wall behind the stove. The floor-mounted board was then adorned with brown tiles. The stove itself needed some black stove paint and was looking like brand new after that. Now stoves, are quite heavy and this one is no exception. Even though the fire bricks were taken out, it was a task of its own to wheel the stove in on a dolly.

1-DSC_0391 1-DSC_0392
Last thing was putting together the various pieces of a stove pipe.
Then the big moment of a try-out burn arrived. To my great delight the stove works perfectly on our chimney. A great draft sucks all the smoke right out.

And here we are right in front of a cozy wood burning fire. 

This afternoon yet another “boondocker” arrived. But this time it was no stranger. Our dear friend PEI-Bob arrived from….PEI. He’s gonna stay for 2 nights before he goes on the road again to meet all our other friends in the south.


  1. I love your "new" stove. Should really help keep you much more toasty and warm this winter. What kind of a winter are you supposed to have with El Nino this year? I guess we're supposed to get a lot of rain down in the southwest.

  2. I love the wood stoves too. Even though we had a furnace, we used to try to heat by wood when we could. Of course, that was better it went up in price. So, you're not heading south this winter either?

  3. I love your beautiful new stove. Do you get to stay home this winter or will you be driving bus again?


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