Tuesday, October 6, 2015

About Blogs And Blogging

I have now been in the blogging business for 4.5 yrs, and I have no intention or even a thought of giving it up. Blogging has been like a good friend to me. I need it, but didn’t know it until I started out in March 2011. Before that I wrote letters. Looong letters. I sent them to family. And I have no clue whether they were interested in reading them. I know my mother did though. She was always waiting for the next letter when she had just finished reading the one in hand. She hoped I would write a book once. Nahh….. I don’t think so. But it would have pleased her immensely. Sorry mom!
Then I started to blog. And I started to READ blogs. The blogs which interested me most were those telling tales of travels and adventures. But I also appreciated the ones which were totally unpredictable. Today it was this and tomorrow it was that. My preferences have not changed. I am still adventure-seeking and curious.
I guess a successful general make-up of a blog is a mixture of some predictable and some unpredictable news-oriented topics. A daily column with varying content, but then there is the main stuff, the one which was indicated through a headline.
Headlines are important. If I see a boring headline my fingers won’t hit the Enter-button so easily.
As a blogger we are all running the risk of getting too predictable. Living on Campobello, for example, can result in a very predictable content. The same praise every time. That’s why I try to read other stuff, like other blogs and even various online
newspapers. Somewhere there is always something one could make a blog posting of. Of course, every posting takes time, and time is not always available in sufficient amounts.
The blogging community has also played a big role in my interest. Many bloggers we have met in person and we want to know what they are “up to”, so we read their blogs. I find it refreshing to read new blogs as well. Everyone has a different style and a different way of experiencing things. That’s the way I like it.
There are days when my thoughts are not at blogging. Those can be days when I work a lot with other things or I am not feeling well at all. And I am sure every blogger has those days. It’s human nature not to be upbeat every single day.
Thanks for dropping by!


  1. I write blogs mainly for me. It also gives me a reason to take occasional pictures and someplace to post them. I have no plans of quitting any time soon either.

  2. There are definitely days when I wonder why in the world I'm still blogging but when we are traveling and doing something, then I want to blog. And I do enjoy reading other blogs.

  3. I'd sooner read blogs than some of the drivel that gets passed off as "news", so I'll be around for a while too I suppose.

  4. Like you blogging has an important part in our lives too. Documenting what we have done and where we have been sure comes in handy and keeps us in touch with family and friends.
    Most likely will keep it going for quite a while too.

  5. I don't post as much as I used to, but when I'm in the mood, I love it. And I always read other blogs, even if I'm not in the mood to post myself. I've learned a lot, and am still learning, from other bloggers. :)

  6. I have always enjoyed your post.

  7. It is my blog that gives me a purpose each & every day & I would be totally directionless if I did not enjoy the challenge of writing & putting it all together each night.. I also find writing to be very therapeutic. And personally rewarding as well. A sense of accomplishment be it ever so small..................

  8. Very good explanation of the blogging world. I agree totally.


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