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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Downtown Manhattan

Today was one of several training days for me to get known to Manhattan’s chaos. We started from our hotel in N.J. and went through the Lincoln Tunnel. At 34th street we went west until 12Ave or 9a. The road runs south along Manhattan to Battery Park.
1-20151029_175032             Broadway

This is the area of Ground Zero and the new Freedom Tower. For a guy like me who has never seen anything like it, the trip was awesome. We went up again on Greenwich and that’s about where traffic got to be a problem. We tried Broadway to circle back to Battery Park but the congestion turned out to be too much. There was no way we could make any headway. And that pretty much was the way the rest of the trip was to be. New York City is choking on its traffic. Never in a million years had I ever seen anything similar. They might have traffic rules but nobody cares to follow them. If you don’t literally push pedestrians out of your way by inching the bus forward they will not let you pass. The same of course, is valid for every driver in this city. Ruthless driving is a way of life in this city. We were looking for a parking spot for the bus and it took 2 hours of driving around until we finally found a spot along 50th.Street and only because another bus was just leaving.
1-20151029_140730       12 Ave South
We went to a nice little restaurant and had a great meal there. It was the first decent food after leaving Canada. Had a great chat there and I learned a lot again.
1-20151029_134110Did you know that New York Transit Authority has a 7 storey-building where buses are parked? 70-80 buses were just running down the ramp to get into the Lincoln Tunnel. They were about bring the tunnel traffic to a stand-still.

1-20151029_134256       Entrance Lincoln Tunnel
Space is at a premium in this city and innovative ideas have been developed like the below shown parking paternoster for cars.
New York has an ongoing never ending construction-mania and if technically possible high-rises would be higher than Mt.Everest. We drove 54km today and have been driving for 3hrs. flat!

That pretty much sums it up.


  1. Bus parking? Yikes. No wonder it took you so long. Best of luck tomorrow.

  2. Love Manhattan, my favorite place in the world. Of course, that is said as a pedestrian. I can't even imagine driving there. I saw those same multi tier parking garages over 25 years ago for the first time and of course the traffic has only gotten worse. I guess you just have to know that it will take forever to get from A to B. Hang in there.


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