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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Back To The Seventies And Eighties

You remember these old music units from the seventies/eighties with an LP-player on top?
We still have one of them and it has been sitting in our storage room ever since we moved into this house. It is a Sanyo-unit and I am guessing it is from the late seventies.
Since we will be getting a woodburning stove installed in the living room, we did some re-arranging of our living room. While we were at it I decided to get our old music unit down from our storage room. Compared to modern day units it is extremely easy to set up a couple of speakers. There is no worrisome remote control around and all it requires to operate is pressing a few switches, which I can find without my glasses, and set the unit to either tuner, tape or LP-player.
Of course, Bea was rolling her eyes about having this rather big unit “decorating” the corner of our living room.
1-DSC_0366Now I am looking forward to playing all our old records. They are like time capsules bringing back precious memories from a time when I was young.


  1. I had a unit very similar, sold it when we went fulltime, it was wonderful. My son has all the old Lp's and 45's from the 50's. 60's and 70's. He was in the music business.

  2. I have a TEAC unit very similar to yours out in our carport storage area & use it almost daily when I'm outside around in the driveway around the carport.. It is cassette tapes I play in it all the time. Also have a boombox in our washroom that I play cassette tapes in every morning. All my LP's are packed away in the shed & I gave my large 45 rpm collection to my Son many years ago. Enjoy those old records & yes I agree those older stereos were much easier to hook up than the stuff of today.

  3. I would tell you I"m too young to remember them but then, you'd call me a liar. You'd be right.

  4. Hey, if it still works, go for it! I still have a Yamaha CR-1000 receiver that I bought in 1975.
    Just counted up on my fingers, it's forty years old, and still works like a charm. The speakers prolapsed a few years back, and I gave up on the tape deck, since I couldn't get a new belt for it, as it had started to "eat tapes" a long time ago. My daughter has my direct drive (no belt) turntable, and has rediscovered the joys of vinyl.
    Have fun.


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