Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Last 2 Hours

As we had left Connecticut behind us we rolled into the outskirts and suburbs of New York City. It rained like crazy and it got dark fast. We got in on I-87 and after a good while I could make out the illuminated tower skyline of Manhattan. Our group’s hotel was downtown and Doug squeezed our bus through the ever-tightening traffic. Finally we were on 5th Ave and it looked like everything had come to a halt. Thousands of private vehicles, busses, and hundreds of crazy taxi driver were meandering through the melee. In between all this chaos I saw pedestrians hustling across the street in dark clothes. It was raining like crazy.
Then we heard sirens from behind. Doug said that an ambulance was trying to make headway through the cars. But our street was filled from one side to the other. Yet, miraculously, vehicles moved out of the way and the ambulance passed our bus on the left fighting on across the next intersection.

After we had dropped off our group of passengers we went to find the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel, which leads under the Hudson River over to West New York. While getting in on the lane our bus was narrowly missed by a city bus storming down a hill, heading for the tunnel entrance. Whew….
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Leaving Connecticut                                          Along I-87 into New York
Well over on the western side of the river I could enjoy the nightly skyline of Manhattan, a major view indeed. Our hotel is the Fairfield Inn and we got great rooms here.


  1. Driving in the traffic is not fun but just need to focus on where you are going and eventually you will get there.

  2. You are braver than I in driving through NYC:)


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