Friday, October 16, 2015

Billy The Kid Played Crocket!

Do you like going to antique stores and flea markets? Have you ever found a very valuable item and purchased it for only a few Bucks or Cents?

In 2010 Randy Guijarro walked into a Fresno antique store and bought an old black-white photography for 2 Dollars. It showed a scene where a few guys are playing crocket in front of a wooden cabin. Clothing and coloration of the picture indicates the place to be somewhere in the U.S. during the late 1800s.
Nothing special at all, one would think.

Yet, Mr. Guijarro is about to become a millionaire.

One of the guys playing crocket has now officially been identified to be Billy the kid. (the man wearing the striped jacket)
The scene shown in the picture has been identified to be in New Mexico
So far, only one photo of Billy the kid officially existed, which makes the Fresno-found picture a true sensation for collectors. While that first photo changed hands in 2011 for 2.3million Dollars, this second picture is expected to fetch 5 million Dollars at Kagin’s auctions in San Francisco.
Maybe a good idea to go to those second-hand sales, antique stores and flea markets.


  1. It is fun to shop the antique stores. Once in a while there is a treasure to be found. We've not been lucky often enough.

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  3. You just never know what you will find at those places, some people just get lucky.


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