Sunday, October 18, 2015

A Cold Snap, A Break-Down, An Apple Cake And New Boondockers

When I first opened the door to let Molly out this early morning I had a hunch that something would happen today. And it did. The weather was blustery cold and there was in fact a solid layer of ice on the vehicles. Brrr…what a morning. Yet, the sky was deep blue and the sun was shining. It was a pretty good day to start making video sequences which I had  a plan for making into a nice introductory video over Campobello Island. So I grabbed the tripod and the video camera put in the van and started the engine. When I grabbed the wheel I noticed it wasn’t moving. Yup, my steering wheel was like glued in place. I put the van into gear ….and had a hard time to apply brakes. WHAT IN THE WORLD was going on?  I drove a couple of times up and down, until finally I noticed the oil  pump doing its work. So I headed out on the road. 1000ft. down the road I met my neighbour. I stopped for a chat. And while we talked the engine simply died on me. That had never happened before. Any attempt of restarting it was fruitless. I was in the middle of the road and there seemed to be no life left. As much as my neighbour, who happens to be a mechanic, tried to help, I remained stranded 1000ft. from home.

It was clear that the engine, which turned over, did not receive any fuel. Fuel pump? Electrical failure?
It could be anything!
So, finally I walked home, where I took the Buick to do my little video excursion. Even though the views were great, I felt like freezing cold when trying to adjust camera setting. A strong Norther was blowing off the sea making any longer stay in its path feel like being in a freezer.

Now, the best way of getting warm again is starting to bake a cake. Thus the radiating heat from the stove will quickly warm you up. And it is OH SO REWARDING, when the finished result is taken out of the oven. So needless to say it was Apple Cake with Whipped Cream in the afternoon.
A few hours later a small RIALTA motorhome pulled up our driveway. Jean and Daniel had arrived. This couple from Seattle are our last Boondockers for this season. They have been on Prince Edward Island and stayed there with our friend Bob Weir, also called PEI-Bob. That is to distinguish him from so many other Bobs we know. Jean and Daniel are retired teachers and they are friends of Jill and Thayer which visited us 2 years ago travelling in THEIR RIALTA. Their blog: A Rialta kind of adventure, has been added to our blog-list over the past 2 years. What we are seeing here is a small network of traveling RVers visiting the same folks along certain routes. And wouldn’t you know it, Jean and Daniel even met our previous boondockers up in Nova Scotia WITHOUT KNOWING that also those had been both our and PEI-Bob’s guests. Small world, I say.

So when they arrived we invited them in for apple cake and coffee, which they graciously accepted. A lively chat started right away and before we knew it, it was time for supper.
Unfortunately, the Roosevelt Cottage closed for the season yesterday, but they can still go to the visitor centre see the movie, and walk around the park.

And that will be all for this cold Sunday. Thanks for coming along.


  1. Sorry to hear about the van trouble Peter. Tell Jean and Daniel hello again for us if they're still there, that spot in Dingwall was good. Tonight we're at a BW spot just outside of St Andrews, on the other side of Deer Island from you.

  2. We are looking forward to having dinner with Jean and Dan when they return in a couple of weeks! It has been great fun to share their journey as they retrace some of our paths and meet many of the great folks we met along our trip. We are already making plans for some kind of a trip together, Newfoundland has been mentioned but we'll see how it all pans out. I am looking forward to ending my stressful career and hitting the road again! Have a great winter!


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