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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Great Idea! Let’s Build A Wall!

And I thought TRUMP was an idiot. But Scott Walker just taught me a lesson. He is even dumber than Trump. At least Trump understands to build up fortunes. S.Walker played away millions in the name of business development in his own State. So he doesn’t understand a thing about economy and business. But somehow he must be jealous of Trump’s successful polls and has decided to ride the wave of hate against his neighbours. But since Mexico is Trump’s domain, Walker found out that a wall to Canada would be an excellent campaign topic. If Mexico can have a wall why not Canada?  Sure, great idea, let’s build a wall along the Canadian border. Because how otherwise can it be explained that this moron is publicly suggesting to build a wall along the world’s longest border between 2 countries?
The Chinese are gonna be madder than hell, cause all the tourists which keep coming to see THEIR Great Wall are gonna be flocking to the US-Canada border instead.
The Chinese might even get so mad that they demand their U.S. investments back.
Is Walker gonna ask Trump for a loan to pay for the GREAT WALL? Trump might be doing it, but then again, if Walker is going to be president Trump is gonna be mad and won’t pay for the wall.

Seriously folks, how many more idiots with president ambitions are there in the USA? Are you all gone bonkers? You’re gonna be the laughing stock of the entire world. You gotta stop electing those idiots.

Just a good advice from “north of the future great wall”.


  1. With bridges, roads, buildings and airports crumbling all across the USA due to lack of funding for maintenance, Scott Walker still comes up with the craziest idea yet of the far right-wing nutbars. I agree with you - what is the IQ of some of these guys? How did they ever get elected? It's baffling.

  2. Totally stupid idea. The businesses on the border wouldn't support that.


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