Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Thunder Storm

A sharp light was flashing through our bedroom and it woke me up. Took me only a second to realize that we had a thunder storm coming, though at the time no thunder could be heard. It might have been miles off our location, so I turned around to find more sleep. But then Bea got up starting to wander around the room. Listening, I heard the rain on the roof. She was closing all windows. 10 minutes later I heard distant thunder rolls. Hmm….thinking of Molly downstairs I got up, made some coffee and waited for more thunder. Molly was still calmly on her bed when I got downstairs so maybe no problem and there wasn’t much thunder either.
1-weatherThe map shows the thunderstorm almost skirting our area. When I clicked the “weather-in-motion” function it showed the entire storm moving straight north over the mainland, which is the prevailing pattern in our local weather.
1-DSC_0874Rain lasted not more than 30 minutes and will have very little impact on the dry conditions we have been dealing with.
So over all, it wasn’t much of a storm and Molly didn’t even notice anything. Probably she has just been wondering why on earth Dad came down so darn early. I can still hear faint thunder rolls out west, but the whole disturbance is over for now.

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