Friday, August 14, 2015

Oh Busy Day….

Today I had the pleasure to accompany 2 ladies from New Jersey during their visit on our island. It was a wonderful warm and sunny day.
They arrived early afternoon and after having “Tea with Eleanor” and seeing the Roosevelt Cottage we went on a 3hr. round-trip tour. Since none of them ever had tasted seafood we had to stop at the “Families Fisheries Restaurant”. They were very busy and we had to wait the better part of 30 minutes before we could continue our trip. Last stop was above Herring Cove from where we could observe the evening fog moving in over land. We ate our food, I had fish-bits, which advertised as an “appetizer” was more than a full meal, and they were fresh and very good.
A couple of pictures of me with either of the ladies, and each of us went on home. Bea had returned from work during mid-afternoon and had been waiting for me. We decided to conclude the day with a visit at Jocie’s Porch for listening to some island music. At the same time the annual Lighthouse Days were kicking off and a band had started playing from 7am at the Headland. There will be more details about that coming on down the next 2 days.
The sun had sunk across the horizon and darkness was about to descend on Campobello when we finally got home shortly after 9pm.
Thanks for dropping by.


  1. The ladies had never tasted seafood??? Wow, how is that possible. I love seafood! So, did they like it? :)

  2. You meant there are people who have never eaten seafood!!!

  3. What? They lived in New Jersey and had never tasted seafood? Well, more for us.


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