Friday, August 21, 2015

Finally….a summer rain

Except for the common morning fog we haven’t had any moisture for weeks. But this morning we have a slight drizzle which I hope will bring some moisture to our browning lawn.
It is quite unusual that the east coast is staying so dry. Bea had to water her garden every day and we can now see some green tomatoes, and beans and peas are getting ready for harvest.
1-DSC_1132 1-DSC_1138
1-DSC_1121 1-DSC_1129
Our “knocking woodpecker” made in Norway
We have been eating our own lettuce for weeks and the first seedlings for the next lettuce are showing leaves after only a few days in our new greenhouse.
1-DSC_1131 1-DSC_1130
Looking at the calendar I can’t believe that we are already nearing the end of summer. It seems so short.
1-DSC_1122      Goldenrod is plentiful this year
We have been attending another concert on Wednesday and this time it was Celtic harp with a fiddle.
Kart over JämtlandThe program consisted of Swedish folk  from the province of Jämtland, which was especially interesting for us as some melodies were known to us from our time in Norway. Jämtland was once part of Norway but was lost to Sweden in 1645.
The map shows Jämtland along the border to Norway

When I have nothing else to do I indulge in some “marine-style crafts” like painting a buoy or making this box of driftwood, filled with smooth round rocks.

1-DSC_1139 1-DSC_11401-DSC_1141Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Nice that you finally git a bit of rain helping out your garden. Yes summer is too short.

  2. We had rain yesterday for the first time in a long while and it was so very refreshing.


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