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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Rocks And Rolls

I had never experienced any beach like this one, though there might be other places where beach rocks are getting the same treatment. For us Campobello’s Raccoon Beach is the most intriguing place to be.  Forget about laying down in the sand, Leave your shovel at home. You won’t need it. There is no sand.
A couple of solid bags could come in handy though. You are about to get your hands full. Your pockets too! And you will be unwilling to leave this beach.
And you are in good company indeed. Not that too many people are actually finding this place and its secret, but a rather famous family once used to come here and the kids were playing with these round rocks. Yes you guessed it: The ROOSEVELTS

Raccoon Beach is an outstanding place for rocks and rolls. The only music you need for this is the surf of the ocean, the Bay of Fundy. The beach itself is gonna rock you.

And from the top of the cliff I see people bending down, picking up what looks promising or discarding it after close inspection. I have experienced guests of our sightseeing tours who actually went down here in a streaming rain to find a couple of those rock balls. I have had people who picked up 20 pounds of rock until  they
remembered they had actually booked a flight home. Bah….

Every time I am down here myself I am finding more rock balls. I bring them home and pile them high.



  1. Now that is an amazing beach, thanks for the tour, maybe even get to tour it in person someday too.

  2. It sure is an amazing beach ,it is on my bucket list..thanks


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