Sunday, August 16, 2015

Lighthouse Days

Every year the friends of the Lighthouse are arranging a major fundraiser. The Lighthouse Days
have become a major local event which draws hundreds to join in on the fun.
This year the music was provided by Gary Cook from Lubec,ME who entertained with his great voice and guitar play.
Besides of a great choice of food (fish chowder is always the most popular) there are all kind of local vendors selling crafts, photography's and even signed paintings.
A lottery is always providing great fun and good income for the maintenance of the lighthouse.

Did I mention that the weather was simply outstanding?
I had driven out there with the top down, and look at the pics.
You can hardly make out the slightest ripple on the water. Temps rose to around 83F which really is a lot on this otherwise cool island.
So after a while it got pretty hot and I headed home. Meanwhile, Bea had attended a fare-well lunch for the Anglican Church pastor who finally takes his retirement. I still needed a few items from across the border but I got in a line-up and used way more time than I had expected. When the Canadian border guard asked me about how long I had been in the U.S. I just told him “TOO LONG, thanks to the slow processing of border crossers. And they even had singled out a few cars on the Canadian side to have a closer look at what came across the border. They rarely do that on Campobello.

Anyway, it was a great Sunday and we are all rested and ready for yet another week.

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  1. Gotta love that weather there, nice to cruise with the top down too.


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