Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Rain Came Back And A Freaky Border Decision Changing The Course Of History

We lucked out yesterday as we got a whole lot more rain later through the day. In fact, at times, it was pouring so much that our gutters were flowing over, spraying water all along the house. After weeks of hot weather, temps dropped significantly yesterday with winds picking up to 45km/h.
1-DSC_1178And even though we had to spend most of the day inside, we were happy to see all the moisture. After all, the last thing we need on this island is a forest fire, and all it would take is a lightning strike in the wrong place.
Fredericton Fire DepartmentIt happened in Fredericton,NB the day before yesterday, when a house was damaged by lightning strike.

Shortly after lunch I had an appointment with our island mechanic to get the front tires of the LTD balanced. Once he was at it he also replaced the valve stems as those were too long and looking ugly. And sure enough, as I drove home I got a smooth vibration-free ride.

And the day wasn’t over before we got yet another boondocker, this time from Fredericton,NB.
Their trailer is of the tiny-house fold-up-type. They are the 7th boondocker staying with us this year.
Not very often that we get to host Canadians on our property. This island is pretty much dominated by American visitors, which does not surprise, as we have the International Bridge to Maine and the 2800 ac big Roosevelt Park on the island.
If one looks at the map one might wonder why on earth this island is in fact Canadian Territory. Well, it all happened way back on the day when the border commissioner and his crew came down the St.Croix River, which is the borderline between our countries.
1-1-border mapEntering the Passamaquoddy Bay he should have been running his boat AROUND Campobello including the island into U.S. Territory, but the weather was really bad and the commissioner and his crew tired, so they choose to avoid the outer passage. Instead, they stayed in the protected bay taking the shortcut through the 400ft. narrow channel thus making it the international border.
A freaky decision, made in the spur of a moment changing the destiny of many people.


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