Tuesday, August 18, 2015

This Amazing Lady Has 100,000 Volts In Her Fingers

When friends and neighbours Chris and Charley came by this afternoon to drop off some plants they told us that there would be an extra concert at the Congregational Christian Church in Lubec,ME tonight. So we decided to go. It proved to be the most extraordinary evening we have spent in  a long time.
Performing artist on the grand piano was Ms Mira Armij Gill. She started off with a Spanish Dance of Granados before she went over to W.A.Mozart’s Sonata No.14 in C Minor. Both pieces gave a taste of what was still to come. Yet it was Prokofieff’s Sonata No.14 and later Paganini Etude by Franz Liszt which sent the audience into wild shrieks and outbursts of excitement. In my entire life I have never seen any pianist being that virtuous with his/her fingers. Ms. Gill played all that by heart, no notation sheets there!  Her performing radiance electrified not only me but the entire audience. This lady has a 100,000 volts in her fingers. When she was done with Prokofieff the entire audience jumped off their seats in one orchestrated single movement.
So who is this amazing lady?
Ms.Gill, a native of Salt Lake City,UT, is of East Indian descent and resides in New York. Her list of musical accomplishments is very, very long and she has performed in Moscow, Salzburg, at Carnegie Hall, and for H.R.H Crown Prince Guilliaume and Princess Stephanie of Luxembourg at the University Club in New York.
That we should be so lucky to enjoy her performance in a small 70-people audience in the eastern-most town of the U.S. is almost unbelievable. And it is all thanks to the Summerkeys by Bruce Potterton. I would have no qualms of travelling to NYC for her performance. Tonight, all we had to do is slide across the International bridge.


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