Sunday, August 9, 2015

What An Afternoon….!!

The day started cloudy and remained so for the rest of the day, even though the sun bestowed a few short visits upon us. Being a not-so-hot-day I decided to continue my project on the east wall of our house, scraping and painting.
Well, to be perfectly honest, I had replaced the scraping with a disc sander doing a much quicker work on old paint removal. Since I wanted to be able to hear when the phone was ringing (which it didn’t do) I grabbed my paint brush and the yellow house paint. I made good progress until all-of-a-sudden a monstrously big black insect flew a storm attack on my ringfinger. Before it even had settled there it had stung me so badly that my paint brush fell to the ground and I was starting to dance a wild flamenco on the roof. Even our neighbour who is engaged in similar chores, noticed me having a slight problem.
Unfinished shingle…

It is really too bad that no one was around with a video camera. It would have made the top ranking in America’s Funniest Videos (AFB). I was just trying to defend myself against this aggressive species of a hornet. Of course it managed to sting a finger on my other hand as well. Maybe it had an accomplice, I shan’t say, as it all went down so fast. After I had thrown everything in hand off me I got down of that roof pretty darn quick. What kind of behaviour is this after all? Why attack a peaceful painter with no bad intentions??

I ran into the house and heldt my hurting finger under cold water which helped a lot. Then I put my mouth to it and sucked as hard as hard as I could. That way I prevented the poison from going any further under my skin and my finger did not swell up.

Since this incident my brain has been working overtime on how to eradicate those pesky insects. First thing tomorrow I will purchase a poison canon. Chemical warfare is the answer to those suckers.
Daddy….what did you do…?


  1. Wasps nesting in the ground last year nailed me. Man did that ever hurt. Thankfully my arm didn't swell too badly, but that might have been partly due to going to the Pharmacy and getting some anti-histamine.
    Good luck with the hunt. And be careful.

  2. A scary incident indeed & here's hoping you can get a handle on that Hornet problem. Those little beasties can be a very nastily bad bit of business. We had Yellow Jacket Hornets in our Congress house 2 winters ago & got some kind of spray in a can which did work in ridding our outside roof line of the little devils.

  3. Good luck with getting rid of those pesky critters.


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