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Saturday, August 15, 2015

A Real Quiet Place On Campobello

Maybe except for the border station, there are no loud and noisy areas on Campobello but some places are especially quiet. And co-incidentally I happened to visit one of these exceptionally quiet places. It is at the very end of the Head Harbour Inlet, with only a few fisher homes along a short dead-end road.
The peacefulness of this place is highlighted by the old wooden shipwrecks which have found their last resting place  here.
1-DSC_1068Forgotten and abandoned are they lingering towards their complete disappearance, once all wooden parts have rotted away or been eaten by worms.
1-DSC_1069And like nature was trying to make a point of its dominance the beautiful wildflowers were flowing in a slight summer breeze.

A lobster fisherman uses the place for storing his lobster traps.
Thanks for being along.

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  1. Love the peace and quiet of the east coast remote areas.


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