Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Heavenly Hash

Summer is in its last month, but are we giving up on summer pleasures? 
Nooo Sirrr, we don’t, and one of the most outstanding pleasures of summer is ICE CREAM.  Until recently we used to buy ice cream in the store.

No more!

When a neighbour made mention of her having made ice cream (without inviting me) my curiosity was soaring. First thing I did after coming home was looking up ice cream recipes on the internet. First there was this German recipe involving lots of egg yolks and cooking of cream. That took way too long and the ice cream turned out too hard. Next recipe I tried was from North America. And if YOU like ice cream and are not too afraid of a “few” extra calories you can make ice cream within 10 minutes without having an ice machine.

What you need:
-1 can of sweetened condensed milk
-1 pack (500ml) of whipping cream
(don’t take coffee cream)
-For tasty add-ons:
chocolate chips or instant coffee powder or ANY other taste you like f.ex. also crushed nuts.
This is were you can experiment and have fun.
Tips: I always ad vanilla and almond substitute.

What to do:
-melt chocolate in microwave or simply ad your taste ingredients into the amount of 1 can of sweetened condensed milk. Mix through with spoon.

-Whip up the cream. Make sure that whipping cream is really whipped up to maximum creamy consistence.

-Ad condensed milk-mix to whipped cream.
-Fill the whole ice cream mix into container and freeze.
You’re done.
There is one big drawback with this home-made ice cream: It’s gonna be eaten too fast and you have to keep making more all the time. You will never again buy ice cream from the store!

Now what are you waiting for?

Besides of making ice cream I have indulged in quite a different project. I replaced a window in our bedroom.
1-DSC_1372Whenever we had a strong wind the dormer window was rattling in the wind and while a fresh breeze is nice during a hot summer night, it is not of my favorites during cold fall or spring nights.
The new window is tight and I installed it with construction foam.

1-DSC_1376Had us a very special sunset tonight. Caused by high humidity the sun turned fiery red, long before she ever touched the horizon.

Thanks for coming by!

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