Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Winter on Campobello Island

Finally Mr. Winter has been knocking on our door. It started snowing yesterday evening and continued a good part into the night. So this morning we were looking at the white stuff. It was about 1 inch only, but it sure brought the rumblin’ snowplows out.
DSC_0549 DSC_0548
Tonight we are going to drive a group of seniors around the island to see the Christmas Lights. Luckily, the roads have cleared so we don’t have to fear for slippery driving conditions.
DSC_0553 DSC_0552
DSC_0555Took a hike with Molly along wintery park roads. Even met a few hikers, which really is extremely rare this time of the year. Molly enjoyed the walk and she seems extremely happy about the snow. She has developed an enormously thick fur coat, so she won’t feel the cold. In fact we believe she does like this colder climate much better than high temps in Southern California.

And that’ll be all for today. Stay warm where ever you are!

DSC_0557                                                        Bea made an Advent wreath


  1. The upside of winter is it's snowy beauty. I have many fond wither memories from wintery years gone by. I enjoyed cross country skiing by myself through the pine forests. The winter silence is like no other, Memories of sitting by a melting creek in the Spring one time eating a sandwich I had brought rates right up there as one of my most pleasant winter memories of ever. Nice of you to take the Seniors around. When I drove the mobility bus part time years ago for the town of St. Marys we would take Seniors out on Christmas light tours. Always enjoyed that.......

  2. I bet Molly is happier in the cold than the heat with her beautiful coat. Our shorthaired girls much prefer the heat to the cold. That's a beautiful wreath. Enjoy the tour tonight.

  3. The beauty of fresh snow, is nice as long as it is no too cold.
    Enjoybt he seniors on tour.

  4. I love when it is snowing with blue skies....
    It started snowing in Jerusalem,the kids are having fun and for some people it is the first time to see the white stuff...


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