Sunday, December 8, 2013

Cold Country

If there ever was a winter we should do well by staying home, this year seems to be it. Weather reports from the south west to the east coast are giving us unusual low temperatures. Holtville Hot Springs is having lows below the freezing mark and highs in the 60ies, which are more like the temps we have had there in January.
George and Suzie have just spent 3 nights in a Walmart parking lot in Midland, TX. Roads down there have been glazed with ice. Propane dealers have run out of gas to sell. Water lines have frozen in Campgrounds.
Al and Kelly from the
Bayfield Bunch are having cold days and nights in their Congress house.
The jet Stream is so far south that it impacts even a town like Brownsville,TX where temperatures dropped into the 40ies.
DSC_0492         Manger design: Willy Harwerth

The only place still being warm seems to be southern Florida, and to some degree the Gulf Coast from Florida to Mississippi. It is by far the strangest winter ever since we started traveling south in 2005.
Over here we have had rather mild temperatures with highs reaching into the mid 40ies. That was until last night when cold air masses were moving in. Today we are back to –8C and a pretty fierce wind, which made me bundle up with 3 long pants, my winter coat and my fur hat. I felt like a robot walking the road.

But the sun is shining making for a nice winter day. At least we are in a real house which can be heated without running low on propane. Our stove in the basement is putting out a lot of heat. Food is plentyful – what more could we ask for?

Have a Great Sunday!

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  1. It's cold in Arizona but no freeze. Well, at least not yet and we hope that doesn't happen either. The forecast for this week looks like temperatures will be improving.

  2. The cold in the southwest is only temporary. Once this system passes, then back to warmer weather. I remember Quartzsite last January when it was pretty darn cold.

  3. I'm just so happy that we're looking at a little bit warmer temps later this week. The girls sure haven't been spending much time outside. they do what they have to and then head in to be in front of the Blue Flame.


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